Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MTT Win on Full Tilt

On March 26th, I completed one of my major poker goals this year. I won a MTT tournament.
Although it was a $5, it still represents what I have known all along, that I am good enough winn a MTT. This was only the 3rd MTT I have played this year, mainky because I have been trying to play more limit and the fact I now am on my internship for college. Just thought I would give a quick update, I will update my Limit adventure shortly...lets just say it is going very well :)

Click on the picture a few times to make it clear...I'm stupid and dont understand how to get it to work.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Progress report

I have now moved to 1/2 limit full time when playing. I have a sufficent bankroll to be able to take just about any swing. I have been spending most of my recent time playing on betsson, in order to clear there initail $600 sign-up bonus. Its a good site, although the rake is the highest I have seen online. I'm down a little over $100 while clearing 30% of the bonus so far. The bonus there is all or nothing, so I have to complete the requirements before any bonus is given to me. I should finish this up by the end of March in the limited time I play now. Working 7 days a week for the next 3 months is going to suck.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Chart of my progress

Ok, I have been on a good streak recently. Since I started tracking my winnings since Mid-January, I have been on fire. Here is a chart of what I have won since I traced my bankroll back to an original starting point. My 1st deposit on UB.

This total includes all sites, all bonuses, and rakeback. My looking through my Pokertracker stats, just under 1/2 of this total is from poker winnings. That means that over $800 of this is from bonus and rakeback. This is a huge sum of money for a 1/2 and under limit player. I suggest to all those layers out there with limited bankrolls to take advantage of the bonuses that poker sites offer you. Don't play at one particular site just because it is your favorite. You may just find out the grass is greener elsewhere.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why I haven't been updating

I have been very busy the past week. I have been searching for an internship for the Spring 06 semester since December. It looks as if I have found one finally. I will update later this week about my poker doings, but there are priorities in life, and poker has fallen down a few notches latley.
I have still played some, and I will update that next time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Turning Stone Trip Report

So, after going over to college early this morning and finding out im fucked as it relates to internships at the moment, I decided I needed to relax a little. So I headed to Turning Stone(20 min drive), to play some $100 max 1/2 NL.

I get there about 1pm, hand over my diamond card to earn points while playing and buy in for $100.

30 minutes later Im down $300.

First $100 goes in about 5 minutes, I hold KQs in MP and raise to $10, I get one caller. Flop comes 10 J 4. I have an open-ended str8 draw and a flush draw. I bet $20 and am re-raised all in. I then say "Jack huh?", and he says so politely, "Yup". So I call and he flips up AJ, which holds up. No big deal....RE_BUY.

A few hands later I get the button and pocket 3's. Its raised ahead of me to $10 so I call. Flop comes 3 9 Q rainbow (Couldn't ask for a better flop). Initial raiser bets $10 and MP calls. I don't want to scare anyone so I just call. Turn brings a 6 with a flush draw. Initial raiser bets $20 and MP calls. I jam the pot with the $80 or so I have left. Initial raiser insta-calls and MP calls after thinking for a minute. Im greeted by AA and a flush draw. The flush draw rivers his flush so wham...down $200..No big deal....RE_BUY...

A few meaningless hands later I get AA UTG and pop it to 12. I get 3 callers and the the BB goes all in for well over $200. I call obviously and so do 2 others....Yikes.

Long Story Short, 2 people hit sets and one hits a straight (Pot was over $500) , so Im out $300. In about 45 minutes.

I almost just left, but I brought $400 with me and decided to re-buy 1 last time.


I get dwindled down to about $70 when I have the button and AK. A few limpers, so I bump to $15, BB then goes all in for about $80. I think for a few seconds and call, and he flips over AJs and my AK holds. Now im up to about $160.

Card dead for about an hour when I get 99 in MP. 1 limper so I raise to $12....It seems like the whole table called. Flop came 679 with a flush draw. EP bets $15 and I jam all my money(over $140) in with being happy to take it down right now. Player to my left calls and everyone folds. He flips up AA and I take down a $300 pot.

Hours go by, nothing hits so I have about $200 in front of me. Pick up AQ on the button and re-raise to $35 UTG+1's bet of $12. UTG+1 calls. Flop comes J86....Yuck. UTG+1 checks and i bet $30, which he calls almost instantly. Turn is an A.

I think for about 2 minutes here what to do. The whole table is mad at me, yelling to hurry up.....I think of what he could have, how he has played for the last hour since he sat down, what he thinks I could have(maybe this was giving him to much respect). I decide to trap....I check, to which he instantly goes all in for his remaining $80. With his bet there is $250 in the pot here...Im not to sure where I am in the hand. I call and am relieved to see 89, and my AQ holds.
As Im about to end my session with about $475 in front of me for a $75 profit, this occurs.
UTG raises, MP re-raises and I look down and see 6's. Easy fold as MP is super-tight and is screaming AA or KK. UTG calls. (Both of these players have about $400 in front of them.) Flop comes 686. ( I would have flopped quads). UTG checks and MP goes all in only to be instacalled by UTG who has 88 against AA. (This would have been a $1200 pot if I played). Looking back I believe I made the right choice to fold as I was %100 sure I was beat and was facing a $40 bet pre-flop, but damn I wish I had called.

So in all I played for 6 hours, made $75 and had a good time, while clearing my mind.

I feel as though my continues online play has made me a MUCH better live player. After seeing so many hands online, it becomes very easy to read an opponents hand. Also the fact that there is much more interaction at a live game, leads to being able to pick up "tells" on your opponents as well. I think that throughout the day, I was able to make pretty good plays. (I misplayed 2 hands that cost me about $40). Next time I will give a discussion of these two hands and explain why they cost me.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tracking my bankroll/ winnings

Between Saturday night and a few minutes Sunday afternoon, I created a very basic bankroll managment program in Excel. I wanted keep track of my winnings and losses this year on a site by site basis, as well as on an overall basis.

My data started in mid-January, and I input all data on all sites I currently have an interest in.
I plan to update my spreadsheet on a weekly basis every sunday. This will allow me to see the flow of money on a week by week basis for my bankroll (Something I have been lazy about for the last few years).
This was a great step forward for me, as I know I have been a winning player for a while, but now I will be able to track it much more carefully.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

A little side business

So, for the past few days I have taken a break from playing limit, to start bonuswhoring. I signed up at empire and got a first time bonus of 20% up to $100. Cleared that quick. Had a friend refer me on Noble Poker. $25 for me $50 for him. We will split the total for $37.50 each. Played a little Limit on UB during the last few days also. Ive cleared my first deposit bonus there, so I will probably re-load with their current V-day offer.

Current Limit Bankroll: $466